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As a scholar who works on transnational queer media and cultures, my teaching goals are twofold. First, I aim to shed light on the colonized legacy of knowledge production, and encourage students to challenge the “canons” of our fields. Raising students’ awareness of such problems allows us to decolonize the classroom, and reformulate alternative ways to understand the world. My second objective is to sensitize students to social inequality in our daily lives and develop critical thinking for social issues, such as gender, sexuality, race, and class. Being conscious of these problems not only facilitates better assessment of social issues, but also helps them become more self-critical, and thus better citizens. 

Teaching Experiences

NYU Shanghai

Queer China (Instructor, 2023)

The Media in China (Instructor, 2022)

Northwestern University

Global Masculinities (Instructor, 2018)

Communication, Management, and Ethics (TA, 2020)

Sexuality and Society (TA, 2019)            

Sexual Subjects: Introduction to Sexuality Studies (TA, 2019)               

Development and Marketing of Popular Culture (TA, Spring 2016, 2017) 

Persuasive Image: Rhetoric of Popular Culture (TA Winter 2016, 2017)

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